Anubis Met Tron

Play 01 Play 01 Numbers-S 30:32
Play 02 Play 02 Numbers-G 19:22
Play 03 Play 03 Numbers-K 28:28

Anubis Met Tron is an experiment with generative music made on modular rack synth.

Each track is mixed with shortwave radio signals of numbers stations recorded over the internet.

The amorphous, constantly changing generative music is given structure by the repeated radio bursts.

The album begins with a long downtempo track with a sparkly sheen, followed by a more midtempo track that takes a more serious/ominous tone, and finishes with an uptempo track that operates somewhat in reverse, musically, to the two prior tracks, as if unwinding the album.

With generative music, how to decide when the track is "over"? All tracks were set to record and left to run until the PC fell asleep.

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